Our latest projects…of the year

It’s been a busy year over here as I’m sure is apparent from the delay in blog posts. I wish I could still blame my delinquency on my wedding but that was last year’s excuse, and I hate excuses.

I finally set aside some time for working on the business this month. This really is the hardest thing as a designer because it’s so fun working on other people’s businesses! First priority was to update our portfolio with this year’s branding and website design projects, we’re still photographing the printed collateral for a few projects so stay tuned for further updates.

In no particular order, here’s a recap of some of the projects we’ve been lucky to work on this year with our amazing clients.

1. Capture the Moment Media branding, package design & responsive website

Capture the moment media tablet

2. Pacific Dermaesthetics branding & responsive website

Pacific Dermaesthetics Tablet

3. Delta Laser & Lougheed Laser websites, stationery & brochure


4. Janelle Photography branding & website


5. Live Kitsilano website


6. Bell Alliance Group website


7. Red Alchemy Photographic Arts branding & website


8. Timothy Corlis & Silent Dawn websites


9. Yaya Baby branding & website


10. Union Wood Company website


I hope to have the photos of our branding, packaging and event design projects on the website before the end of the year. Stay tuned!



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