Interlink 2012

Instagram shots from Paul Boag and Graham Ballantyne

Here’s a quick recap of the Interlink Conference 2012 I attended yesterday…which was AWESOME.  It was an intimate group of 200 designers, developers, content strategists and digital nerds all nerding out together over how to build and craft a better web. Shout out to Shawn Johnston for organizing such a great event.

I won’t lie, my primary reason for attending was to hear Jessica Hische present, I love her lettering design. She did not disappoint, she talks like a trucker and her work is so exquisitely beautiful and witty and at times hilariously dark. I can’t wait to see her film titles in the new Wes Anderson movie, Moonlight Kingdom.

I expected a few of the presenters to be way over my head – I don’t write code, I hire developers to write code for the websites I design. Pleasant surprise, I felt in my element for most of the speakers and it was clear that they are passionate about what they do and how to make a better web. Paul Boag had the room rolling in laughter, Erin Kissane got us thinking about designing systems, not just websites, and made us hungry with all of her food slide references and Jon Tan reminded me why I love typography “Good typography induces a good mood.” I was truly impressed with each and every presenter and came away inspired and wanting to learn more.

I always like to know what other designers are reading so here’s the list of books mentioned by yesterday’s speakers:

The Shape of Design – Frank Chimero
Responsive Web Design – Ethan Marcotte
A Pattern Language – Christopher Alexander
With Wakened Hands – James Krenov
Dear Sugar – The Rumpus online advice column
Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS – Jonathan Snook
The Laws of Simplicity – John Maeda
Client Centric Web Design – Paul Boag
What is Reading For -Robert Bringhurst
Elements of Typographic Style – Robert Bringhurst
Detail in Typography – Jost Hochuli
Branding With Type – Stefan Rogener

And lastly, Cameron Moll shot this beautiful video of Vancouver the day before the conference – nice reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a gorgeous city.

Vancouver from Cameron Moll on Vimeo.

Instagram images from Paul Boag and Graham Ballantyne

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