social media for small business

I attended Friday’s session of Social Media Week in Vancouver last week and found myself overwhelmed and excited. Overwhelmed at the fast trajectory social media is on but excited at the possibilites, not only for me and my business but for my clients as well. The key message I took away was to use social media to engage with your customers, it’s not about making a direct sale over linked in, twitter or facebook. The goal is to build relationships, build trust, and give your viewers a closer look at what makes you and your business tick. This isn’t to say that social media is for everyone and every business, but it can be a revolutionary marketing tool if used effectively. It has never been so easy to connect with a large number of people to get your message across, so make sure that those messages are valuable and meaningful.

Check out the infographic below from crowdspring for a creative look at how small businesses are using social media. I can vouch for the fact that Facebook has been the leading number of referrals to the paperclip creative website as well as our sister company, paperclip collective. What has your experience been?

social media for small business

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